K&A Labs GmbH

K&A Oligonucleotide Synthesizers are a worldwide leader in the field of closed-column synthesis. With over 20 years of experience, our instruments are a proven and popular standard in labs ranging from small research, to university, to large oligo powerhouses.

The biggest and most successful oligo producers from Japan and the USA are using our equipment. We feature a wide range of models where low consumption, short cycle times, highest flexibility, simple handling and maintenance of the instruments are trademarks of our systems.

Long oligos of highest purity produced with our devices are superior compared to our competitors. Wobbles, modifications and automated synthesis of S-oligos belong to the standard package as well. Our column synthesizers are the most modern on the world market. Single syntheses can be started and removed individually and independently from the state of process. Furthermore, the online trityl monitor indicates quality of the running synthesis at all times. Additionally, we provide custom development of synthesizers.  Resulting from experience in operation our own oligo facility and in inspiring exchange of ideas with our customers during years of excellent relationship, we offer also complete oligo production lines, starting from sequence entry through synthesis, cleavage, purification, quality control and ending on the final paper work.