H-8 Custom

H-8 Custom Examples

 DNA/RNA/LNA  Synthesizer

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K&A H-8 Custom

Shown above: 8 positions of 1gramm or 2gramm bottles and 4 positions of 4ml bottles for special or expensive amidites

  • 4-columns, DNA/RNA synthesizer
  • 1heating column
  • 3 standard columns
  • 12 amidite positions, different sizes possible
K&A H-8 custom (based on H-32)

H-8 custom (based on H-32)

  • 5 Amidites 1g/2g screw cap bottles
  • 5 Amidites different screw cap bottles
  • 10 Amidites different crimp cap bottles
  • 7 Reagent positions
  • Double column distances because of 10µmol bigger columns
  • 2 different waste tubing for standard and halogene waste
  • Additional valve blocks for back pressing of reagent into
  • The columns and back into the amidite bottles
K&A H-8 Custom
  • 8 Amidites 1g/2g screw cap bottles
  • 4 Amidites 4ml screw cap bottles
  • 2 Amidites 2ml screw cap bottles
  • 6 Reagent positions, different sizes
K&A H-8 Standard

H-8 standard

  • 8 Amidites 1g/2g screw cap bottles
  • 6 Reagent positions

On the right side:

P-88 columns semi automatic OPC purification device