H-96/192 DNA/RNA Synthesizer

  • High throughput, 96 microtiter plates oligo synthesizer
  • 2 plate version available
  • 6 amidite positions
  • Variable synthesis scales
  • Free programmable synthesis control
  • Mixed bases (wobbles)
  • Automatic antisense oligos synthesis
  • Cycle time:
    • 6-7   minutes for 1 plate version
    • 11-13 minutes for 2 plate version

Image to the right:

The H-96/192 was built from 2001 – 2002. This synthesizer was developed for small oligos up to 30 bases w/o  modifications or wobbles or trityl monitor for the Japanese market only in license of/for GENEWORLD LTD,  Tokyo, Japan.  Meanwhile some of the Japanese oligo houses were sold to big American companies and they moved the technology and the instruments to US or anywhere.

K&A H-96/192 DNA RNA Synthesizer